Being a distraction in Tower Control

7th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Trying to play the objective in S Rank Tower Control against Japanese players willing to stay up beyond 2 in the morning is an exercise in frustration. I am not having fun.

I am close to dropping out of S Rank, though, which may give me temporary respite from feeling completely useless, so I keep going.

I'm just inking turf for my squidmates, trying to flank our opponents, and occasionally trying to help with the objective. I do pretty poorly at all but inking turf.

What I do manage to do is be target practice for the other team. It's not glamorous, it really isn't fun at all, but getting in their way helps distract them from my squidmates pushing the tower forwards.

Hooray, I get to stay in S Rank a little bit longer.

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  2. Do you find this superior to EVE? Lots of subsidiary questions there.


    By Gwydion on Oct 8, 2016

  3. Trying to cling to a tower whilst everyone else wants me dead is quite similar to being in w-space, I suppose. But there's not really a comparison, as they are very different games in pretty much all respects. EVE Online was a slow burn for me, often with a big payoff in excitement, even if it was simply ambushing a miner. Splatoon has lots of short, frantic battles with pauses in-between. But both allow me to enjoy a couple of hours gaming at a time, and getting a recording device has let me share my battles on-line, much as a simple notepad let me do so with EVE Online.

    I stopped play EVE Online because the game's design was moving in a direction that was in conflict with my desires. My main regret is not that this happened, but the lack of grace I showed in my public writing about the changes. I would have preferred that EVE Online had evolved in a way that carried me along, but there was no reason why it should. I had to find my way in the changing environment, or move on. To be frank, it was the push to incorporate what seemed to me to be Windows UI elements in to the EVE Online UI that tipped the balance for me.

    Splatoon was a happy accident. I started playing with my Wii U more and this new game was coming out that looked interesting. I think even Nintendo were caught by surprise with how popular it was to become. But the thought that has gone in to the game's design is astonishing. Just about nothing is hidden from the player. You have to lay down ink to move more efficiently, which means that the other players can see you coming. Chargers have a laser sight that is always on when aiming (although the better players hide it behind obstacles, which is very skilful). Inklings glow when their Special is charged, so you can be cautious around a potential Kraken or Bubbler. The tower plays a jingle when an inkling is riding it, and not when it is empty. And what you can't see from the videos is the live map on the Wii U Gamepad, showing friendly positions, ink as it appears, and the position of the objective.

    My current posts show that I don't always enjoy the battles, and that the ranking system can feel a bit unfair. But it's always temporary, and my games and my attitude greatly improve again. What I like about Splatoon is that there is little that genuinely gets me down about it, which is down to the great design, not just of the game but the choice to be cartoony in nature. Watching back my videos of even bad games can make me smile, just by watching earnest-looking inklings rushing around with buckets of ink, or dropping ten stories with a giant roller. It is often a beautiful game to watch, and there is so much going on.

    By pjharvey on Oct 8, 2016

  4. At the time when your blog was all about Eve, I was a constant reader. Actually your beautiful stories inspired me to move in a C3 WH with a 1 man corp. That was the best time I had in Eve Online. I shared your view about the "bad" changes in the game mechanics, and I left the game around the same time you did. For me it was because the solo experience in that game took me as far as it could. At some point I felt like it was "game over" if you know what I mean, and I just moved on. Let me just say that never-ever, not once, not even in a single word of a single post in your blog, you had lack of grace in putting down your thoughts. Your writing has always been - and still today is - just beautiful.

    By Max on Mar 26, 2017

  5. Thank you, Max! That's really kind of you to say. It's a shame our ideas about EVE Online diverged from those of CCP, but it happens. And we have all the good memories of the game and the players that we shared in the years we played.

    By pjharvey on Mar 26, 2017

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