Squabbling over the Tower in Tower Control (8-5, Tri-slosher)

1st December 2016 – 7.00 am

There's the usual tussle for turf at the start of this Tower Control battle, along with my inevitable early splatting. At least I take one of them with me, but it's a bit of a pain that my Bubbler charges the moment I am splatted.

I like to think I show a bit of caution following that early encounter. Squidding in to the mouth of a Killer Wail doesn't really give that impression, I know, but it was a bit late to turn back at that point.

I am persistent with that side route, even when I see the orange team riding the tower already well in to our territory. But I see the opportunity to surprise them, so I press on. And I surprise them. I splat three of the orange team and reset the tower. But at what cost? That's quite a lead they've got.

I ignore the childish semi-squidbagging, and get back to the battle, hopping on to the tower and getting some good support. Good enough support that I hop off the tower to provide support myself! I'm sure that's a good idea.

Thankfully, a squidmate stays on the tower, which is better news given that I wasn't counting who was where, and we do a really good job of keeping the tower moving, the orange squids splatted, and ourselves Bubbled until we have the lead. Woomy!

I get a little carried away in the opposition territory, but not so much that I don't notice the Tower going the wrong way. I turn around and help reclaim it for us, but mostly by getting on to the already cleared Tower.

My squidmates are on top of things. And with the tower under our control, my Bubbler charged, and seconds to go, it looks like we've got the victory.

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