Taking a last-second lead in Tower Control (12-8, Tri-slosher)

13th December 2016 – 7.00 am

I think I've escaped the early attention in my first advance in this battle, somehow getting past the inklings on the ground. But rather than moving on to surprise the charger, I jump in to a firing Luna Blaster. The result isn't pretty.

My second jump lands me on an exploding Splat Bomb. I'm not doing so well. I think I should ignore the objective a little and go roaming, trying to flank the opposition to relieve pressure from my squidmates.

I make it around the side, check my surroundings, and fail to splat an unsuspecting Roller before he can adjust and splat me at the same time. I will get better! And I start to, as I use the rising platforms to the advantage of my Tri-slosher, and evade a splatting in a way that keeps me in an advantageous position.

I am where I want to be, and surprise the charger as I like doing. I almost get the Roller afterwards, but my short-range sloshing alerts him. That's okay, my Bubbler is charged, letting me feel the brunt of a Dynamo Roller at close range. It's pretty hefty.

Sure, I've kinda lost track of the tower by this point, but I catch up with it and get rid of the green inklings infesting it. Maybe I explode in the process, but job's a good 'un anyway. Back to roaming! And facing a Dynamo Roller! And a Splat Bomb Rush! It doesn't look like we're going to win, not when I want revenge on that charger.

But I get the charger, efficiently and cleanly. That lets me move around the back and splat the Dynamo Roller. And as my squidmates push the tower, I splat the threat behind them, before catching up with a charged Bubbler. I get on the tower, pop my Bubbler, share it around.

Bubbler activated and shared, I jump ahead to slosh ink and keep the green inklings away from our final push. With three seconds to go, and a big heap of teamwork, we take the lead. Woomy!

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