Back-and-forth in Splat Zones (14-7, Tri-slosher)

19th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Woo, look at me go! I probably overestimate my speed with the Tri-slosher, and it's more that I am over-eager to be the first to get splatted in the middle of the map. But I get to the middle and start inking the Splat Zones, like a good squidmate, which is a decent start. Better than my aim with a Disruptor. I don't think the tree was going anywhere anyway.

I drop down to look for an early splat, and find it, ignoring the Splash Wall to continue forwards and flank the blue team. I get a second splat from the unexpected angle, and push further, where I hear a Bomb Rush in progress. That's a triple! My squidmates splat the fourth inkling, and we're good to control the Splat Zones.

I patrol a bit, and pop my Bubbler early when I see the Carbon Roller. I don't want to be caught out. But I won't get the splat if I stand in front of a wall either. I move around a bit more and get a bit of luck when the Carbon Roller pulls out the Inkzooka, holding the higher turf to slosh from above. Nice!

The blue team return in greater numbers than I can resist, and they take the Splat Zones from us, but thankfully not too much turf overall. I can come back from the side route without being swamped immediately, and my caution around the Carbon Roller lets me survive another encounter with it. Not for long, though, as there is ink flying everywhere.

We don't quite lose the lead, but it's a decent warning shot of blue ink. Rather than rush headlong in to the Splat Zones, I skirt around them, seeking the opposition and splatting them first, so that when I start inking the Splat Zones I'm confident I won't be interrupted.

It's best to control more than just the Splat Zones, so we push ahead a bit further. Another Bubbler saves me from the Carbon Roller again, and some more skirmishing keeps the Splat Zones green, but I can't stay safe from the Carbon Roller forever. At least it wasn't a mistake of mine that go me splatted.

I somehow avoid the Carbon Roller again, and think I have the upper hand this time, until he appears from below with a surprise flick. But I get him the next time, when I am admittedly a bit gung-ho about inking the splat Zones, but I am concerned that our lead is diminishing pretty quickly. My Disruptor works well against the Squelcher, but squidding in to the path of the Blaster was not good for my health.

It looks like we have the battle sewn up, with our counter ticking down again, but again the blue team mount a comeback. I try to balance keeping safe with inking the Splat Zones, and although I think I manage to get away from a Kraken it is only in to the waiting flick of the Carbon Roller. They are good weapons.

The Splat Zones are neutral as the battle draws to a close, but it only takes a tip of the balance to push them to blue, and potentially cost us the battle. I super-jump back, maybe saving a couple of seconds, and avoid the Carbon Roller briefly. Only briefly. But our mutual splat looks to be the last act of the battle, with no extra time for the blue team. Woomy!

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