A few good moves in Splat Zones (6-3, Blaster)

1st May 2017 – 7.00 am

Time to pull out the Blaster again. It has been suggested that practising with the Blaster will improve my battles in general. We shall see. I've also read plenty of people saying that Blasters don't cover enough turf to be effective in Splat Zones. I don't think those people have used Blasters before, and I'm using one regardless.

Hey, not a bad start to the battle! I decide to go the direct but dodgy route, letting me get to the action quickly but without an escape route. But I use a Disruptor sensibly, frustrating my first target and slowing them down to be more easily splatted. Nice!

That charger has a bead on me, though, so I squid around to avoid him, and head up the side ramp to try to catch an inkling or two off-guard. Nope, the charger is on top of the situation, and snaps off a good shot at me. I super-jump back, making use of the relative safety of a Beakon, which doesn't broadcast my landing, and quickly get myself in to silly trouble again. I'm clearly not playing to the Blaster's strengths yet.

I go the direct route again, which maybe saves a bit of time squidding that is lost by having to be cautious about dropping down. There's not point jumping directly in to another splat. All looks clear, at least as far as inklings goes. There is a lot of teal ink all around, and it probably benefits us to make the turf in front of the Splat Zones orange before the Splat Zones themselves.

I start inking, and bag myself a nice indirect splat on an already inky inkling, before not doing much with a Killer Wail and blocking a squidmate's shots. But I squid through the Splat Zone and ink the small wall to pop up a little more unexpectedly. I don't think that helps me get the direct hit on the Carbon Roller, that was pure luck, but it was still a good idea. And it's not the super-jumper I hit as she lands, but a different inkling nearby. The super-jumper splats me, though. Just a split-second difference in timing made the difference.

Back to a Beakon and helping keep the Splat Zones orange. I see the Carbon Roller come towards me and, somehow, squid under his first flick, and score a direct hit as we both flounder in rather closer range than is comfortable. Spurred on, I move up to challenge the Hero Charger Replica. I like to think it's my sweet moves that keep me safe, but the Inkzooka probably plays a bigger part.

With some orange turf near the charger's perch, I hunker down for a bit. My squidy self is nearly given away by a quick turn, but the charger doesn't quite know where I am. As she rounds the corner, no doubt charging a shot, I pop up and get a satisfyingly sneaky splat. I move back down towards the Splat Zones and try to use the Blaster's indirect fire to flush out another inkling, but do quite badly and decide to retreat instead. My squidmates have my back.

An Inkstrike followed by a flurry of teal activity stops our counter briefly, but some blasting and shooting turns the Splat Zones back orange quickly enough. A bit too quickly, maybe, as it would have been good to see what havoc the double Killer Wail wreaked. Still, it's a comfortable victory for us. And I get the feeling the slow fire-rate, relatively short range, and need for good aiming will indeed force me to improve my skills in a way that maybe other weapons don't.

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