Some success with the Range Blaster in Tower Control (11-8, Grim Range Blaster)

11th June 2017 – 7.00 am

We should probably split up more, but I suppose it's okay at the start of the battle to stick together a bit. I get a decent first splat, hitting one inkling off a perch, but my aim is slightly low towards the other perch. I think the flying inkling betters be spectacularly, but it seems I was hit by a Suction Bomb I never saw.

I read somewhere that Blasters jump to negate the crippling movement penalty when firing. Having experience that, it makes a whole lot of sense. I am not a fan of jumping in particular, but I try to incorporate the Blaster-jump in to my movement when I remember. It helps.

Another Grim Range Blaster! We find each other in the middle of the Mall, and after I take a second shot at the Hydra Splatling, I find her again. I don't think my Blaster works against the Tower, but never mind. I remember my Burst Bombs briefly, trying to use one to ink turf efficiently, cleaning up after a yellow vanguard. A couple of Killer Wails stop the Tower advancing too much, but the yellow team keep pushing it forwards. A bit of defence before pushing the Tower is sensible, though, unlike everyone jumping off the Tower at once.

I take one for the team, as does the yellow inkling bringing the Tower back. Me and the other Grim Range Blaster have a little dance, which would be much shorter if I could aim under pressure, but at least I get the brush out of the way efficiently. I use Killer Wail sledgehammer to finally splat the Blaster, just before I get splatted from the side. At least my Special didn't go to waste, and the Tower is pushed by squidmates in to a stronger lead.

A Burst Bomb hits two Tower inklings nicely, but I can't quite follow it with a decent Blaster shot. I chase the brush backwards, managing not to lose him, and double-back to help keep the Tower clear. I can't do much when splatted, though, and race back to try to stop the push, but it's no good. The yellow team take the lead, although it's fun to see a Suction Bomb create three yellow ghost squids simultaneously. And we get one last push.

We have a few free seconds before the yellow inklings return, but we have to use those to get the Tower back to the middle. From there, we have to contend with yellow ink coming right at us. My Killer Wail could have been much better aimed, as could my Blaster shot. And, for that matter, could my jump. Oh well.

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