Getting in to trouble in Splat Zones (6-1, Tri-slosher)

20th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I do like that side-route to start a Splat Zones battle on Walleye Warehouse, at least with my Tri-slosher. This time, an inkling is coming down the corridor I use to get behind their team, and I actually have the sense to avoid them, after throwing a Disruptor. It doesn't keep me entirely safe, as I simply throw myself at another inkling, but I last an extra few seconds.

My return has my bumping in to an inkling coming out of the ink, and on this rare occasion it works in my favour. And before I can think about try to go behind the N-ZAP spraying the Splat Zones from a perch, a squidmate gets an Inkzooka out and splats him. Nice!

I look to head around the back anyway, but a teal inkling is returning as I try. A squidmate incidentally has my back again, throwing a Splash Wall to discourage the inkling, and I even help myself by not squidding in to a Suction Bomb.

I finally take the side route and push up to the mid-platform to approach the perch. I've been noticed, and the Splash-o-Matic is coming to meet me. I'm okay, as my Bubbler is ready, and I push back against the ink to splat the inkling and clear the way ahead.

Ink is splashing my heels, and I'm not oblivious to it, so I pull a Storm Trooper trick and turn to meet who's coming. I think about dropping down, but the Splat Zones are controlled an my position is good, so instead I turn around and see if I can be a bit more disruptive.

One inkling isn't expecting me to be there, and I dive out of the way of a returning inkling not happy to see me, and just have to last a few more seconds until the battle is won. Woomy!

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