Good team effort in Splat Zones (5-2, Tri-slosher)

1st July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Independent of the battle mode, with a Tri-slosher on Walleye Warehouse I am almost certain to hit the left flank immediately. Even with an inkling coming my way, it works out this time, and I continue forwards to get behind the rest of the inklings.

I don't find any inklings on the ledges, which isn't a surprise with no charger in Splat Zones, and I use my Bubbler in defence, but at least I don't push for a pointless splat, instead heading to support the Splat Zones. Kinda of. I stay quite high in the warehouse, applying some inky pressure, which keeps an inkling back, but I am stopped before too long.

I hit the same flank again, pausing to make sure I'm not neglecting the Splat Zones, before pressing high once more. That looks to drop a couple of inklings in my lap. I splat one, the other goes missing, but that's okay, as we keep control of the Splat Zones. And heading off to the side, where a Seeker is coming from, bags me a splat against a Rapid Blaster, which normally have the range and firing speed to get me first.

Turning back, I feel confident as my Bubbler charges and press high once again. The Carbon Roller pulls back to keep his distance, and another inkling above me pushes my Bubbler backwards. But I stick around as more inklings come in, thinking my ink will spread enough to do something. Not really, just the Carbon Roller gets splatted, but all this attention on me is attention away from the Splat Zones. And my squidmates are behind me to tidy up. Nice!

I barely have time to make it back to the Splat Zones before the battle is won, thanks to some good pressure from my squidmates, so that very little blue ink could get to the Splat Zones. Good battle, everyone!

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