Consecutive splats for the loss in Splat Zones (15-9, Tri-slosher)

15th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I take my usual route around the side to get behind the other team, and with no yellow inklings down the corridor it looks like I've got a clean run to do it. I have to say, my squidding isn't as smooth as it could be, but I get to where I want to be, and start a small splatting spree. I think the only inkling I don't splat is the Splat Charger, who is the inkling I was really looking for. It's a good start, all the same!

Thanks to the yellow inkling shortage, my squidmates capture the Splat Zones and we take the lead from the other team. I push forwards again and find the Splat Charger, which is nice, and get back on to the ledge. My return to face the yellow inklings doesn't quite go as smoothly as the first time, and I'm splatted back to base.

Our lead is massive now, and it looks like we're heading for the knockout victory when Inkstrikes rush in to the Splat Zones. We try to keep them inked, but splatting the yellow inklings will help too. I don't quite slosh the Dynamo Roller on the first attempt, so I jink to avoid the flick, but even though it looks like I get out of the way, I kinda don't. So it goes.

They yellow team capture the Splat Zones, giving us a big buffer to work through, and their counter starts decreasing again. I head down the side and get some minor revenge on the Dynamo Roller, and pop my Bubbler as things get inky quickly. The Splat Charger pushes me back, making his escape at the same time, sensible chap, and I go head-to-head with the yellow Slosher. My green bucket doesn't have the same reach, so a trade is not a bad outcome.

We're back in control. I go patrolling, and get a good Disruptor throw on the Splat Charger, who is covering the Splat Zones quite nicely. I move away and back at a different angle, bagging a couple of splats, but making myself vulnerable to the Slosher again. We tussle over the Splat Zones for a bit, having them change tentacles here and there, and get some nice splats from roaming with a Bubbler. But my aggressive nature gets the better of me again, pushing high and running in to the Dynamo Roller. They flick an awful lot of ink.

Running in to the Slosher's ink head first isn't wise, but scooting under the Splat Charger's sight seemed okay. I'm not sure how the Dynamo Roller got me, but she did see me squid up to the Splat Charger, so I imagine some ink flew my way from a flick. And, of course the Luna Blaster splats me from close range.

I suppose my disappointment is less from the splats and more from the change in tempo, from racking up the splats to being splatted quickly consecutively, just when we only needed to hold the Splat Zones for a few seconds longer. It was still a good battle, and having an actual battle over the Splat Zones and losing is often more fun than walking over the opponents.

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