It's a splattacre in Rainmaker (8-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

That wasn't a great Seeker across the grate, but it exploded against the wall close enough to splat my target anyway. That'll do. And the grate once again catches me out, as I miss-time my squidding and fall through. I pop back up to hassle the E-litre 3K, but she's gone, hassling our Rainmaker. I join in, but the best I can do is act as an ink-shield.

We nearly get the dunk immediately anyway, but our squidmate is just stopped short. I super-jump back and look for the Rainmaker, finding it as a squidmate splats the carrier. I let my Seekers do the work for now, as I try to keep tabs on the orange team, but when the opportunity arises I drop down to ink a path ahead. It's not as easy as it looks.

My Seeker Rush helps me survive a Suction Bomb Rush and keeps some turf inked, but I don't grab the Rainmaker when I try. Never mind, I'll ink the path ahead again. It's good I bounce off the Splattershot, as it stops the other Roller from ambushing me effectively. I push forwards again and splat and ink the way clear to the podium, but once again we're stopped short.

The Roller splats me this time, but doesn't get much further. My only regret is not seeing the dunk, my squidmate stumbling on the podium. But she dunks it! Woomy!

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