Turf War at Flounder Heights, 1381p with the Splash-o-Matic

16th December 2015 – 5.50 pm

Let's play some Turf War, today at Flounder Heights. My default weapon for Turf War has been the splash-o-matic for quite a while now. It shoots straighter than most weapons, which isn't a great advantage when wanting to spread lots of ink, but I find it really aids my mobility. I can ink a line ahead of me that I can squid through very efficiently, which lets me cover a lot of ground quickly when I need to. I also got quite attached to the splash-o-matic after an opposing squid showed me how effective a Bomb Rush with Suction Bombs can be. It's pretty effective.

Today's Turf War is happening at Flounder Heights. I really enjoy this level, and think it is really well designed. The main central building has multiple routes to its roof, as well as a central area to pass through, offering high ground, sneaky routes up and down, and breaks up the line-of-sight of the long-range chargers.

I'll often start a game of Turf War by squidding my way to the opposing territory and cause a nuisance one way or another. A quick flanking or inking over opposing ink can be annoying for the other team, but I have to admit that most times it just gets me splatted first in the battle. I'm not entirely sure why I stick to this plan. In this game, I make a concession by not taking my favourite route but a secondary route to opposing territory, mostly because my favourite route worked quite poorly in the previous game. This secondary route looks quite good, and works well in this case.

My main tactic in Turf War is ink and move, ink and move. I will often forget this, and instead get caught up in petty rivalries, particularly if there is a charger in the other team sitting pretty on a perch. Thankfully there isn't one in this case, letting me ink and move, ink and move. My Suction Bombs get me out of some sticky situations a couple of times, and throw ink everywhere in the process.

This game also reminds me of the hazard of superjumping so deep in to enemy territory. Although such a superjump can get past a lot of friendly ink in little time, it doesn't help if a bad guy is waiting at the other end, spraying ink where you'll land. It was a fun game in the end, with plenty of mobility and lots of ink being spread around.

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