Second ever S+ battle goes well in Splat Zones [7-0, Custom Splattershot Jr]

13th February 2018 – 7.00 am

I have never been S+ before. My first battle doesn't go so well, going an inkling down, but I was encouraged by what I saw. I'm sticking with the Custom Splattershot Jr for its utility, and will try not to rush in to situations recklessly, which is pretty much what got me to S+. Why change it?

A Chicken Bomb catches an inkling unawares, and my first Ink Storm gets another inkling wet. That takes enough pressure off the Splat Zones for me to get a direct splat with the Splattershot Jr, and move forwards to catch a landing super-jumper. I retreat after that, showing a bit of caution and responsibility to protect the Splat Zones.

Hiding from the Inkjet seems sensible, and I use the opportunity to throw a Chicken Bomb or two, and another charged Ink Storm. That gets me another splat, and another chance to push forwards a bit. I meet another inkling, and get a couple of hits, but wisely don't chase her as she retreats. I throw a Chicken Bomb her way instead.

It stays quiet in the Splat Zones for a bit. That lets me find approaching inklings and apply some pressure with Chicken Bombs. They seem to do a better job than Splat Bombs at keeping inklings on their toes. And my plan to hang back and take care of the Splat Zones seems to be working nicely.

Before I know it, we're about to win the knockout victory. I think my first S+ win deserves a little celebration. Woomy!

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