Defence and attack in Rainmaker [10(2)-7, Sploosh-o-matic]

17th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I wonder why that green inkling hasn't seemed to spot me, right up until he turns around to splat me. It shouldn't surprise me, I've done exactly the same thing before around that same corner to others. I don't make the same mistake when chasing the Roller, or when trying to engage the Splatling. I seem to be adapting.

Sending a Curling Bomb along with the Rainmaker works better than I imagined, catching an inkling trying to flank our carrier. I hold back in defence, but realise I'm not doing much good so move up to support. It's a bit late, but with a Splashdown available and the Rainmaker just sitting there, maybe it's an opportunity. Or maybe not.

I sit back, expecting the Rainmaker's shield to burst at any moment, and it takes longer than it should. I send a Curling Bomb up to try to catch whoever grabs the Rainmaker, but that turns out to be me. Well, best run for it, I suppose. I don't get far. But I won't let the green team get far either, and I suspect I know which way they are going to try next.

I tidy up all the green ink on and leading up to our podium, and fall backwards off the ledge to ink the block too. I bump in to the Rainmaker, where I expect it to be, and although I am splatted I manage to stop them. A bit more defence is required, and I'm splatted again by a suspiciously powerful Rapid Blaster. So it goes. At least the Rainmaker resets.

I get another go with the Rainmaker, and get about as far as before, and with a fresh start decide to hit the green team's flank. I don't have the Rainmaker yet, but it inks the turf for a quick run, if the green team don't notice. I make it to the podium, but the green team have the Rainmaker and are moving it. I had better catch up.

I move to intercept the Rainmaker, but they are retreating to use the ink rail again. I was closer before I dropped off the ledge! I don't catch up, but I disrupt the ink rail before they can jump to the ledge, so I stop them all the same. The Rainmaker resets, and the green team reclaim it. I move to stop the ink rail manoeuvre, but they go the floor route instead.

No problem, I catch up more easily, as they reach the choke point, and a Splashdown clears the way as they lose the Rainmaker. This is perfect. I burst the Rainmaker's shield and move to our ink rail, which is fiddly to activate with the Rainmaker, but my squidmates help out. And it's off to the ledge, which one green inkling foolishly hops off as I pause on the ink rail.

On to the ledge, and a little inkling gets me in sight of the podium. A bit of blasting splats one threat, but I encounter a surprising amount of resistance. But it doesn't matter. Our lead has greatly increased, and time runs out with us in control of the Rainmaker, to give us the victory. Woomy!

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