Curling out the splats in Rainmaker [20(2)-10, Sploosh-o-matic]

16th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

Look out, she's gonna blow! Nope, not fast enough, and we're already on a desperate defence as the pink team almost reach our podium. Not an ideal start. Getting caught out of range by the Splattershot isn't great either. I need to be smarter with the Sploosh-o-matic.

I try going around the back, and although it's slower going than desired, I find some inklings to surprise. I don't quite manage it with the Sploosh-o-matic, but the Splooshdown works for one inkling, and a Curling Bomb finishes the splat on another. I grab the Rainmaker and make a squid with it, using some caution to approach the choke point sensibly, which gets me further, but nowhere near to taking the lead.

It looks like we have good turf control, so super-jumping back should be okay. I launch a Curling Bomb as I land, which bounces off five walls and splats too inklings in the back. If only I trusted this piece of luck more, and didn't walk in to the line-of-splat so readily. Now it's starting to look messier. Messier still when I somehow fail to splat the Rainmaker carrier under my feet.

All our green ink is gone, but I get some revenge on the Rainmaker by splatting them nice and quickly, and follow-up with a second, letting me have another go carrying it. I try the side route this time, but I'm fooling no one. No one except my squidmates, unfortunately, and I simply give the pink team an easy route to our side of the Dome with our team nowhere near them.

I know the way the pink team are coming, though. One inkling runs backwards in to a Curling Bomb that I thought would hit nothing, and I press on to splat the Rainmaker, at the cost of being splat by its blast again. I still don't know what my squidmates are doing, but at least one is nearby to help defend. Sneaking around the side works for me again, getting a quad splat to help with the push.

I honestly don't know what keeps our Rainmaker from moving up. Maybe a pink inkling delayed them. It's a shame, as I help clear the way forwards, pretty much to the podium. Perhaps I needed to stay closer to the Rainmaker instead. As time runs out, the Rainmaker is close to the middle of the Dome, and is hotly contested.

We just about grab the Rainmaker to attempt a last-second comeback, but the pink team are there to end the battle in their favour.

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