Applying pressure in Splat Zones [11(3)-3, Custom Splattershot Jr]

14th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

That charger's going to cause us problems, if we don't discourage him from staying on that perch. It's a good thing I have Chicken Bombs! The first one I throw seems to have been dodge, but as I throw another the charger is splatted. Those are tenacious little buggers. That takes off some pressure, and the Splat Zones are a nice shade of purple.

Pushing forwards to engage an Inkjet, which a squidmate splats, gives me the chance to ink the walls a bit. I know it doesn't count for anything, but the added mobility could get us out of tight spots. And I see the Splat Charger is back, having pulled out a Sting Ray. The good thing about Sting Rays is that you can't move whilst firing them, which is just great for lobbing a Chicken Bomb their way. They have to stop firing and move, or get splatted. And stop firing.

But the Sting Ray was threat enough to clear the Splat Zones and let the orange team capture them, but that's fine. We turn them purple again. The charger's back, I see. A squidmate deals with him with a Splattershot, which works, but he comes back soon enough. As he comes back, so does the rest of the team, and I am caught in a nasty crossfire, although I manage to launch my Ink Storm first.

I approach the Splat Zones with caution, which helps me survive and ink turf for a little while, but I am again caught when multiple orange inklings are around. My next outing is shorter again, but I splat the charger with a Chicken Bomb and stop a Curling Bomb Rush in progress, which is worth the splatting. Or would be, if it stopped the Splat Zones turning orange. So it goes.

The Splat Zones turn purple again soon enough, and I return to add my ink. My range isn't great, though, and have to push up to be more useful. Our Roller splats the Inkjet, at least, which takes away some pressure, and my Ink Storm charges to make it awkward for the orange team. And as they are super-jumping in, I think they are feeling the pressure.

The rush for the orange team to get ink in to the Splat Zones forces some errors, and we hold the Splat Zones quite comfortably. The only real threat to come close is a Splashdown that misses its mark, and by the time that ends our victory is assured. Woomy!

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