Clash Blasting in Tower Control [9(1)-1, Clash Blaster]

15th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I hit 30th level! That gives me access to the Clash Blaster, which I have been waiting to get my grubby little mitts on. Tower Control seems like a good place to test it out, so here we go, with my second battle with the weapon. That Splat Bomb throw is a nice opening move, although it drains a chunk of ink, but I seem to be safe, thanks to my squidmates, and my inability to squid on to the Tower.

I get on the Tower eventually, and start getting the Clash Blaster working. It doesn't hit too hard, but it fires quickly, which could be a bit distracting, and drops ink around the target's feet, potentially locking them in place. I don't need to aim too much either, although direct hits still do more damage.

My first Sting Ray is about as effective as my squidding on to the Tower, where I almost even get crushed by it. And when I do get back on to the Tower, Tenta Missiles force me off again immediately. It's not fair. At least there's enough blue ink to let me squid back on just as quickly. If only I didn't jump right in to the aim of the E-litre 4K in an attempt to apply some pressure.

The green team get the Tower back to the centre of the Towers, but take heavy losses doing so which lets us push it right back. A Sting Ray gets me a splat, the E-litre 4K panic-shoots at the Tower, and I use the last drop of ink to splat away another inkling. I move up to try to clear the path ahead, but before I know it the Tower has reached the goal.

That seems a shorter route than it used to be. I rather like the more prolonged battles, to be honest.

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