3 seconds to Salmon Run [28-17-28, 10/571]

13th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

Hey, those three names have something in common. I hope I'm not going to embarrass myself in front of a cohesive group. I don't think I will with the Sploosh-o-matic, and I show off how I know how to easily ink a path up a wall before the wave starts. All good so far! I'm surprised they stop the Scrapper early, but they also do a good job of turning it around. More Golden Eggs for us!

I take the initiative against a Stinger, and try to balance collecting eggs with splatting bosses, but I don't think my contribution is going to decide much here. Everything goes along without too much trouble, and we move in to the second wave. High tide this time, so I make sure as many walls and edges are inked as possible. We could need them.

A couple of Steel Eels are splatted simply enough, and although a Flyfish and Steelhead appear on the end of the grating, my squidmates splat them like they were Chum. I simply clear up a bit behind them. I get diverted on my way back by a Scrapper, which doesn't faze me, but I get a bit flustered when a couple of Flyfish mix with a Drizzler and I don't have ink for either. I don't last long.

I redeem myself soon enough, reviving my squidmates who have also been caught by drizzle, bottle rockets, or the Steelhead's bomb. It is getting a bit sticky. But we meet quota and pull through, although it did get close at times. Now the tide goes out, and I have Splat Dualies. I'm a bit ineffective to start with, as we trip over each other to splat bosses and collect eggs, but as the pace builds up I start to become useful.

As a Maws tries to eat me, whilst I'm preparing to throw bombs at a Flyfish, I decide a Splashdown would ease the pressure. If I time it right, I can splat the Maws as well as clear away some salmonids. It was a good plan, which would have worked better had I not been jumping over water as I activate the Splashdown. I'm also disappointed that I don't even make a splash.

The wave is coming to a close, and I see a Flyfish about to become a menace. I check behind me. It looks busy, but manageable, so I make the executive decision to deal with the Flyfish myself. It goes well, ignoring the aiming markers to recharge my ink, and I splat the Flyfish in one cycle. Good job, me! But what I haven't realised is what happened behind me.

I don't know what happened behind me, I wasn't looking, but it didn't take long for all three of my squidmates to be splatted. This wouldn't be so bad if I had some ink, or a Splashdown, or didn't have a Steelhead cutting me off from the mainland. I try to make some space for myself, knowing we are seconds away from completing the run, but I realise our collective plight too late, and the salmonids sense it.

So close to a successful run, and with a very healthy tally of Golden Eggs. There's probably a lesson to be learnt here.

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