Low tide causes the problems in Salmon Run [29-27-18, 19/418]

17th February 2018 – 7.00 am

These wellies don't do much, but the Golden Egg wasn't really in a good place either. Otherwise, high tide in the fog doesn't cause too many problems. Sure, a Scrapper blocks my path, but that just stops me getting in to too much trouble. And the Drizzler somehow is splatted as it hides under its metal umbrella. And maybe using both Splashdowns is an overreaction, but it helps us boost our Golden Egg collection to a healthy level.

I've got the Splatterscope for the second wave, and with the first boss coming out of the inky green being a Steel Eel, I think I'll get the first splat. But the head slinks in front of the tail, and my shot is blocked. I then wait for the Maws to make an appearance, but it's not after me, and by the time it's found its target, I'm in a poor position. I get knocked in to the water. So it goes. I'm revived quickly.

I'm torn between two Drizzlers, but at least I get one, and then two Steel Eels. I have to manoeuvre to get a clean shot at one of them, but I pull to the right and end up just inking turf and trying to stay afloat. My squidmates are on the ball, at least, and we make it to the third wave.

All the conscientious inking I do at the end of the second is to nothing as the tide goes out. But I have the N-ZAP '85, which suits me nicely. I hold up a Scrapper whilst deflecting Drizzler missiles, which don't splat the Drizzler sadly, before teaming up with our Splatterscope to splat a Steelhead. The Splatterscope nearly gets eaten by a Maws afterwards, but jumps out of the way as it swallows my Splat Bomb.

The next Maws causes me more problems, as it refuses to stop to try to eat me, and as I'm trying to save my ink to roll a Splat Bomb in its mouth I can't also deal with the Flyfish nearby. And when Maws does pop up, I feel compelled to revive a squidmate first, which maybe I could have done second. Still, we both gang up on Maws to get that threat out of the way.

Now for the Flyfish. Or to throw a Splat Bomb wildly to the side of one. As another Maws sneaks under my feet. I move back to get on to more solid turf, and find another Maws hunting me, with more bosses wandering around. I don't have the ink for this, and a Splashdown would really help right now. I wonder what happened to them.

At least we've made quota, so it's more a matter of surviving than collecting more Golden Eggs. And we survive, pulling in a decent haul in the end. Maybe it could have been better, given the first two waves, but it's still a good result.

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