In the pink in Splat Zones [10-1, Custom Splattershot Jr]

15th February 2018 – 7.00 am

A fairly cautious approach keeps me unsplatted again, as the other inklings all battle rather more directly for the Splat Zones. My squidmates take the upper hand, which lets me sneak in around the side and start causing my own disruption, helped by an Ink Storm. That incomplete patch of ink up the central structure is a blessing in disguise too, as jinking right lets me pop up in a better position to surprise the inkling up there.

I beat a useful retreat as the green team makes a return, but they come from different angles, and, with an Inkjet, different heights, and I am splatted away. My Chicken Bomb takes revenge immediately, which is good. Now we must battle back. I decide to hit the flank, and to do so drawing as little attention as possible. I think I succeed until I get close enough that it doesn't matter.

It's probably a bit dangerous to wander in to the fully green Splat Zones, so I lurk at the edge, and head back to see if I can surprise anyone chasing me. Well, they're maybe not chasing me, and it's a bit risky, but stopping the Curling Bomb Rush is a good result. And my support is here now, and we take back the Splat Zones.

I get my Chicken Bombs working for me again, and use the environment to my advantage. I get a bit lucky when interrupting another Curling Bomb Rush, and luckier still that the other inkling decides to avoid me. Another drop of ink would have splatted me for sure. We retake the lead and put ourselves in a strong position.

A squidmate has my back, preventing a splatting, and I try to repay that by keeping as much of the Splat Zones purple for as long as possible. If we lose control, we'll be hit with a buffer to work through. But the Splat Zones keep a purple hue, I chase inklings and harass them with Chicken Bombs, and let an Ink Storm rain over the Splat Zones.

The moment comes when we're back in sync, and we capture the Splat Zones again. The last two points are knocked off our counter, and we win the victory. Woomy!

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