This is my personal journal, reserved to write about anything that takes my fancy or catches my whim. I am focussed on gaming, and although most posts concern EVE Online I am currently addicted to Splatoon on my Wii U.

If anything is spelt or typed badly, or is grammatically dubious, it's likely that my cat wrote the post. Like most cats, he's notoriously bad at spelling.

Every post is scheduled. If a comment goes unanswered or unmoderated it may be because I am unavailable, even if a new post is displayed in the meantime.

Access to tigerears is blocked from where I work. As such, a comment may be held in the moderation queue for up to eighteen hours without my being able to approve it.

Gushing fan mail can be sent to wpb<at>tigerears.org.

  1. 52 Responses to “About”

  2. I still read this from time to time. Funnily for a while I thought you were a dude, roleplaying as a female as it is the internet habit.

    Would you ever consider getting all your eve posts in one place and sort them chronologically - as it is now it's a pain to read through them (except the few ones I have bookmarked)

    You have inspired me to write something like this for my own, sadly I lack your grit. Come back to eve, we'll get you in our 4-5 people corp where we can lose our ships in wormholes until the eve's sunset :)

    By horza on Sep 23, 2019

  3. I think about New Eden from time to time and am occasionally tempted back, but it all seems so different.

    That's an interesting idea about getting my EVE Online posts better sorted. I think it's a matter of the theme I have installed as to how they are presented in the archive. Maybe when I have some time I can see if I can find something that makes older posts more readable. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for your support!

    By pjharvey on Sep 28, 2019