Hitting back at the green team in Splat Zones [10(6)-7, Custom Splattershot Jr]

14th February 2018 – 7.00 am

There's no rush to get to the Splat Zones. Too much happens at once for it to be useful. And you can let the other team grab the Splat Zones if it means it concentrates them in a small area. In this case, my squidmates' keen natures lets us split the Splat Zones to start with, and my late arrival helps add a bit of pressure to capture the green one. For a few seconds, anyway.

I refuse to super-jump back in to probable danger, so I take the slow route. It lets the green team steal the Splat Zones and the lead, but at least I can contribute ink that isn't a puddle of green. The green team have pushed up, though. That works against the surprise Splattershot, but it gives the Rapid Blaster more time to splat me. Just when I had a second Ink Storm ready.

I hit the other flank next, for a change of scenery, and hopefully a chance of staying safe for longer on this more sheltered side. I loose an Ink Storm, and hold a central position for a while, but only until the green team return. I wonder where they were. But back to the more contested side, where the ink is needed, and I sneak my way in to green territory to cause a little disruption.

The green team are getting close to winning, but we can't panic. If we rush in, we will likely get splatted, so we have to concede some more points and take a measured approach. A Chicken Bomb splats one inkling, and with my squidmates pushing up we have a good opportunity to turn turf orange. This at least gives the green team a buffer to think about.

With a minute to, circumstances don't look favourable. My ink doesn't manage to splat the Herobrush Replica, for some reason, and chasing him finds a second inkling to double my problems, and our lack of presence lets the green team capture the Splat Zones. We just about manage to steal the Splat Zones back with twenty seconds left on the clock, but is it enough time?

We dodge a Splashdown, and I just about avoid falling off the ship as I do, and the Splat Zones stay orange as the battle enters extra time. This is tricky, as we can't sit back and merely ink the Splat Zones, but being aggressive could be costly if we're splatted. Thankfully, the aggressive tactic works, and I have the sense to move Tenta Missiles away from the Splat Zones.

I fall victim to the Rapid Blaster, but my squidmates hold fast, and as I'm splatted back to our base we snatch victory from the green team. Woomy!

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