I don't write many guides, but when I do I make them good. Here is a handy collection of informative posts that I've written, saving you the bother of trying to search for them.

Wormhole colours of New Eden, showing what the colours of each region look like when viewed through a wormhole, so you can tell the destination region without the need to jump. Includes (old, for now) w-space wormhole colours.

The updated guide to wormhole colours, where you can learn how to identify classes of w-space by looking at the colour of the wormhole.

A guide to wormhole types, where more information about wormhole designations than you care to know is available, including what that information can tell you that you perhaps didn't know.

How to hunt in w-space using d-scan shows you how to locate a target with just one scan of your probes, by making full use of the directional scanner. Sneak up and surprise unsuspecting capsuleers without them ever seeing your probes!

How to scan the Penny Ibramovic way goes in to fine detail the process of basic scanning, from launching and arranging your probes, to refining the search to resolve the signature. Updated for Odyssey.

How to perform a blanket scan of a system shows how to see all that is in a system without your probes being seen themselves, getting you ready to scan or hunt depending on what you find, all without having to reload your probe launcher. Updated for Odyssey.

How to collapse a wormhole details the basic principles behind getting rid of unwanted wormholes, and how using the right ships and keeping track of the numbers can let you collapse one.

A glossary of terms for w-space, along with some more general jargon used around New Eden. It's linked at the top of each page, but perhaps overlooked from this set of guides.

Behind the scenes at Tiger Ears is a look at how I create each post, including the information I collect on my travels, the notes I scribble down, and my editing process.

Question time holds interesting data on how the directional scanner works, and why it is important to be closer to your target when hunting them, as well as other snippets of information.

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