Turf War on Kelp Dome with Kelp Splatterscope

5th January 2016 – 5.13 pm

I've seen chargers being used on Kelp Dome before, but normally in the tentacles of competent squids. They manage to find good perches that allow them decent lines-of-sight, and can recharge their ink when they want. When I've tried a charger on Kelp Dome, I find I either have a good perch but no ink to squid in, or lots of ink to squid in and no height advantage. This led to the general dichotomy of being effectively suppressed by a weapon but unable to use it the same way myself.

With a bit of perseverance, however, I found a way I could use the Splatterscope that suited me. Sure, maybe I don't find good perches, but in Turf War you don't really need them. What you need is a way to ink a lot of turf as efficiently as possible, and the Splatterscope can certainly do that. If I can also keep long lines-of-sight and good situational awareness, so much the better.

What doesn't help is if I still persist in rushing headlong in to opposition territory, where the turf can get quite cramped. I somehow manage to survive the worst, though, and an merely hunted down normally, in open space. I even win a bomb war, which is nice.

It's not a win for our team, but I think it's a pretty decent result for myself. And the opposition were clearly on good form.

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