Losing track of the Rainmaker

10th July 2016 – 5.36 pm

I had a lot of fun with the Tri-slosher the other day, so I give it another go today. I apparently forgot that the previous Ranked mode was Tower Control, where the bucket is perhaps more useful, but that's okay! Rainmaker is fun too.

I get a bit carried away with sloshing ink around that I don't realise the other team has got the Rainmaker really close to the goal. I turn myself around and focus more on the objective.

Covering over their ink that goes all the way up to and over the podium is sensible, as you don't want to give them a free squid all the way to the goal. Almost as sensible is laying our own ink up to and over their podium, although actually protecting the Rainmaker is probably a better idea.

Getting a triple-splat was good, even if I get splatted in return. And carrying the Rainmaker is always fun, even if I don't get far. I nearly splat the Rainmaker to stop extra time, but I am content with having played a good game and enjoyed myself.

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