Fouling up my chance to drop out of S Rank in Rainmaker

24th August 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm not adapting to S Rank well at all. I am kinda hoping to lose a whole bunch of battles and drop out of the rank. Although I honestly don't want to throw the battles, I'm not about to make myself ill trying to fit in somewhere I don't belong. Rather than trying to force something to work, I'll play what I know and try to simplify.

I stick with the Splatterscope for now, not believing I'll do well against my S-Rank opponents, but at least I know how to handle the weapon a little. I'm actually quite pleased that I splat my opposite inkling with the Splatterscope when he's not looking, particularly after a few egregious misses.

And as much as I would rather drop out of S Rank, I can't help myself in grabbing the Rainmaker when it's there for the taking. It's the perfect time too, with the other team pushed back and my squidmates in support. A bit of fancy footwork and some inking gets me almost to the goal, although I have to admit that finding that extra inkable block to jump up and over confuses me for a second. I'm not entirely sure where the podium is, not that it matters.

I also like snapping off some quick shots at the initial Rainmaker carrier to splat him, getting some good Splat Bomb Rushes off for multiple splats, and not ending up feeling completely hopeless. That's almost worth staying up for a few battles longer.

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