Almoooost in Rainmaker (10-9, Tri-slosher)

11th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I decide which side to flank based on the side of the podium I start on for this battle. I can't help but pause for a splat, though. Once I'm back on track, I flank effectively, although maybe without splats.

The splats come from a second flanking move, once I work out how to squid up the block. But it looks like I ought to follow the Rainmaker. I do that, and help get us the lead. I don't have much success working out what the Roller is doing based on his shadow, though.

Approaching from the side again gets me close to an inkling, but I get distracted by them and a purple inkling carries the inkling rather too close to our base. Our lead is lost.

A bit more skirmishing gets a couple more splats. When we recover the Rainmaker we take it up the side route and get ourselves in a good position. I have a good weapon too, but one that has run out of ink. If I had a bit more, maybe we could have got the knockout.

The Rainmaker comes back our way. We stop their progress again, and a Killer Wail helps to burst the shield. A purple Killer Wail comes the other way, though, and although I avoid it, I don't have the Rainmaker, as I thought. I press on anyway, mostly because I fall down the gap, and try to ink a path forwards.

We have one last chance as the timer ticks down. But it is one last chance being rained on my a ink bombs from all over the place. Oh well, well played, purple inklings.

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