Clearing the way ahead in Rainmaker (3-2, Tri-slosher)

11th October 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm sticking with the Tri-slosher. Maybe I should re-introduce more weapon variety, but I like the bucket quite a lot. I'm also sticking with my plan to flank the opposition early and often.

I don't catch out an inkling quite so easily this battle, and although I disrupt him it is a little late, and we splat each other.

A brief pause to burst the Rainmaker's shield and I am back harrassing the same Roller, getting him disrupted enough to force him to super-jump away from me. I push forwards, but only in to the laser of a charger, splatting me from a narrow angle.

Okay, I'll go the other way. The extra block allows easy and occasionally unexpected access to the side route of the opposition, and this time it brings me next to a Beakon. A Beakon, as it happens, that some hapless inkling is super-jumping to just as I break it. Or maybe the super-jump breaks it, which is my my ink splats the inkling instead.

Forwards! I can sense more disruption ahead of me, and my squid-senses tingly enough to pop my Bubbler as a reaction. Good timing! Maybe I don't get the splats I was after, but I survive, and get a sneaky splat on the charger.

I try to ink the turf and the podium, but am low on ink. A quick squid to recharge and I am sloshing ink again, squidding up the podium to slosh it further. But it seems my squidmates are on point, and I get to the top of the podium a split-second after the Rainmaker carrier. I didn't expect that. Hopefully my disruption helped. Woomy!

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