Out-scoped in Splat Zones (3-6, Splatterscope)

16th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Still sticking with the Splatterscope, I have a couple of minutes of Splat Zones before the modes change. As luck would have it, the map that comes up is Moray Towers! Excellent. Of course, that means two chargers on the other team, and they are probably better than me. So it goes.

I first plan to stick on my side in relative safety and cover our Splat Zone, but it soon becomes clear that the opposing chargers, that E-litre 3K in particular, are preventing my squidmates from getting close to the other Splat Zone. It's up to me to do something about them.

I try to do something about the other chargers, but there are two of them, mostly covering each other, and mostly better than me. They are pretty good at stopping me stopping them.

I get a decent splat on the E-litre at last, and a squidmate unleashes a well-positioned Inkstrike that gives us a break for their Splat Zone. We take it, but not for long. At least I clear that Splatterscope as well, albeit a bit luckily.

The Splatterscope stays in roughly the same advantageous place, though, letting me get a half-lucky, half-opportunistic splat on him a bit later. But that's it for my splats, and despite our best efforts we barely manage to control the Splat Zones. But it was a good battle.

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