Keeping the Splat Zones purple (4-3, Tri-slosher)

20th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I didn't make a good shake of the Splatterscope in Splat Zones. I don't think it's the maps, and I don't think it's the weapon. Maybe it's me, my ability waxing and waning like my mood, or maybe there's a cyclic nature behind when I'm matched against the skilful, wide-awake Japanese players.

Whatever the reason, I abandon the Splatterscope for a more mobile weapon, once again opting for the Tri-slosher. I think of the Splattershot Jr first, but then think the Disruptor would be a better sub-weapon in Splat Zones. So here I go.

The first battle or two still don't go well for me, but I persevere, mostly because I would like to have at least one decent battle. And this one seems okay. Avoiding that Roller was fun, even if I get splatted immediately after, and I don't get the Roller splat.

But it's about mobility, so I squid head-first in to a Roller. No, but really, I slink around the sides to try to get up and behind the opposition. I actually get there too, but there's no one around.

A little wait and here they come. Thank goodness for my Bubbler, and a slightly reckless inkling. And I admit that the follow-up splat is a little cheap. Bad Tiger Ears. I deserved to be baited by a Sprinkler for that.

A bit of inking of the Splat Zones, and I wait for my ink to refill, and for inklings to appear. There's one, but before I can get to him, we win. Woomy?

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