From okay to better in Splat Zones (4-7, Tri-slosher)

23rd October 2016 – 7.00 am

The tactic to squid up the middle didn't work as planned in the previous battle, but that doesn't mean it isn't sound. I gather more evidence, and maybe it isn't the best idea.

Plan B is to rain ink down on our captured Splat Zone from the fence, and that works well, to start with. Getting splatted by a Disrupted Splatterscope is a bit unfortunate, and then to be hit by his specifically aimed Killer Wail is just an insult.

I must try better. So I try better. My reaction times don't let me activate my Bubbler when attacked from behind, but I can build that up again. Flanking down the side route lets me ink plenty of turf, although I don't know where that inkling disappears to, and sitll my Bubbler doesn't recharge enough. I am splatted again.

Our lead looks to be in threat. Back to sloshing ink for from the top of the fence. I fall down a couple of times intentionally, to avoid opponent attention, and get my Bubbler charged. Just in time for that Inkzooka! I survive the onslaught and get my splat, trying to keep our ink yellow.

A flanking manoeuvre after that doesn't quite work out, but I have two inklings paying attention to me deep in their territory, so that works out well for us. Indeed, we look to have turned the battle around again, and hold the Splat Zones until the end. Good job, squidmates!

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