Finally, someone rides the tower, in Tower Control (6-5, Splatterscope)

25th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Some more horrid battles follow my one decent one. That's a shame, as it makes my good games feel more like flukes. But I keep trying. I think. Maybe I'm just playing my alotted games before falling out of S Rank.

Here we are on Moray towers, where other Splatterscopes and E-litre 3Ks have been handing me my cloaca all evening. This battle doesn't seem so bad to start with, although my squidmates seem reluctant to ride the tower.

Well, I can do that, and, despite my first thoughts, Moray Towers is actually not a bad map for a charger to be on the tower. Lots of space, and opportunity to shoot upwards a good distance. Maybe a charger should be on the tower as a preference.

Of course, I don't do too well on the tower. That Rapid Blaster does a good job of keeping me splatted. But at least I am keeping it beyond the mid-way point, in opponent territory and not ours.

And once my squidmates start riding the tower, I find my form again. I splat the charger, keep ink turfed, distract the blue team. I actually do pretty well. And so do my squidmates!

Whilst I am distracting and distracted, the tower trundles on almost to the goal. We don't quite make it, but that's fine. We still win by a huge margin, and I end the battle on a better run than I started. I can occasionally have fun in S Rank.

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