Being sneaky in Splat Zones (5-5, Tri-slosher)

15th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

The Tri-slosher is really working for me today. I stick with it for Splat Zones, and go with my original strategy on Arowana Mall. Sadly, I get distracted by a possible splat in the Splat Zones, instead of trying to flank down the side, and get splatted by a Slosher.

Back to Plan A, and I make it down the side corridor uncontested. There's no one there, that's why. Not a problem. I continue over the main corridor and up to the other side, where there are inklings oblivious to my movements. Excellent.

I don't ink early, which may give my position away, and get one of the most satisfying splats I've had. I follow that up with a second splat, on the Slosher, and pop my Bubbler to make sure I get the Roller. As I complete the triple-splat, I see the fourth inkling, but he somehow ducks under my sloshes to deny me the quad splat. That's just not cricket.

Recovering from the disappointment, I use the Tri-slosher's splayed fire to my benefit, but am ambushed by a Splat Bomb that I remember not to squid away from whilst I'm on a grate. Not a great position for me there.

The Splat Zones are progressing nicely. I take a moment to dwell in our ink, and see a yellow inkling fly far above me. Where is he going? Uh-oh, there are Beakons in our turf. As I realise, the super-jumpers jump me. Thankfully, the Beakons are taken care of by my squidmates by the time I've respawned.

One final bit of sneakiness, again from flanking. A yellow inkling comes my way, and apparently doesn't spot me. I squid underneath the ledge she drops down from, not exactly hidden in my ink, and surprise her from behind. Nice!

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