Kinda helping in S Rank Rainmaker (8-8, Soda Slosher)

16th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

Back in S Rank, back feeling a bit rubbish at the game as a result. I start with the Splatterscope, with pretty much the same plan as before to improve or drop out of S Rank, but it becomes clear that this will demotivate me today. Not the Splatterscope, not in Rainmaker. The Soda Slosher, then. That seems like it would help.

I feel like I can't aim, and with a bucket that's really saying something! No wonder I felt particularly bad with the Splatterscope in the first game. But, then, I am more used to the Tri-slosher than the Slosher, and the Tri-slosher chucks its ink out in a wider spread. I just need to remember I do actually need to aim with the Slosher.

I also need to get better at manoeuvring. Getting splatted by a Seeker is embarrassing, particularly as I also miss splatting a passing Rainmaker. Mind you, I somehow run right past one and splat its launcher a little later.

We're not doing too well in this battle. It looks like it will stay with us in a losing position too, until a burst of activity with the Rainmaker projects us in to the other half of Walleye Warehouse. Can we take the lead?

We have a good carrier of the Rainmaker on our team, just one that has been unfulfilled so far. He gets us the lead. And after I recover from being stunned amid a flurry of ink bombs, honestly thinking I'd been splatted for a second, I slosh some ink in the rough direction of some meddling inklings, splatting one, and watching as our excellent squidmate jumps up towards the podium. Woomy!

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