Doing okay against chargers in Splat Zones (4-4, Splatterscope)

18th November 2016 – 7.00 am

Chargers versus chargers in Splat Zones. Not surprising given the maps are Kelp Dome and Camp Triggerfish. It's my first weapon of choice too, although I remain in S Rank and am still clearly out of my league.

My superb skill deficiency is shown early in the battle, where I think I am being cunning but am out-foxed by an inkling running towards me. Never mind, as I get a good, if a little lucky, splat shortly after.

I also show a surprising burst of skill, in getting out of the purple ink, splatting a charger aiming for me, getting out of their territory through their ink, and splatting a second charger aiming at me. Woomy!

My skills don't stay with me for long. I get a very nice splat on a jumping inkling lobbing a Suction Bomb my way, but otherwise I'm just looking to keep our turf inked. Although I suppose that is the point of Splat Zones.

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