Stomped out of S Rank in Splat Zones (5-6, Splatterscope)

19th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

One more loss will see me drop out of S Rank. Now, it's not that I am aiming for the loss, but it would be a relief to be back in A+ for a bit. I also have a bunch of time to rack up some more losses, if this battle is a victory.

As luck would have it, the blue team stomps all over us, even if the Kraken all but ignores me. Well, I say they stomp all over us. They stomp over the Splat Zones. It just feels like they stomp over us. Or me, I suppose.

I feel like I am splatted left and right, mostly from nowhere, but I am only splatted six times in the battle. I also get five splats myself, which is respectable, particularly when one of those splats is predicting the jump of a blue inkling over the ramp.

Okay, sure, I jump to my doom too, which doesn't help anyone. But, overall, I think I did okay, and so did my team, even if the blue team had overwhelming control of the Splat Zones.

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