Aggressive sloshing in Black Tie Splatfest (1160p, 8-3, Tri-slosher)

21st November 2016 – 7.00 pm

I've had some fun with the Splatterscope, and racked up some wins. I think it's time to try another weapon. I can't really decide which one, though, so I swap back to the Tri-slosher, because I like it so much in Ranked I'd like to see it work for me in Turf War.

I would say a triple-splat at the start of battle means the Tri-slosher is working! I use the diverging spray of the bucket to my advantage, hide behind the scenery, and use my Special to good effect.

A bit of a pause from splatting has me inking turf, pretty much the objective, but before long I'm pressing high in the opponent's turf, thanks to my squidmates. I get one good splat from aggressive pushing, realise that inking the base is generally futile and turn around to see a sitting duck placing a Killer Wail, and stumble in to a third splat walking around a corner.

I wait too long with my Bubbler near the end of the battle, which costs me time, turf, and a splat or two. I thought I could wait, but didn't anticipate the charger getting a good bead on me. But never mind, it was a good battle, I got some excellent splats, and we get another victory.

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