Being cautious in Black Tie Splatfest (925p, 1-1, Splatterscope)

21st November 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm still attempting to practice caution with my Splatterscope, not rushing in to confrontations I am likely to lose. I have to consider my options with Flounder Heights. There are obvious places to perch in Ranked battles, but maybe not so much in Turf War.

I don't get credited for the first good splat, but that's okay, and I really don't mind that it knocks me back off the ledge either. Retreating seemed like a good option, and I get to ink for turf too.

I try to time my shot to get a second splat, as the Bubbler runs out, but I don't quite manage it. Still, getting the mid-air splat using a Splat Bomb was satisfying, and gives a good splash of ink everywhere. Good job, really, as I hadn't spotted him coming over the top of me. Damn, I love Flounder Heights.

Otherwise, I manage to keep my nose clean. Trying to splat a squid climbing a wall has the Inkbrush splat me, which I should have spotted, but that's the only real trouble I get in, and we end up with a comfortable victory.

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