Enjoying some back-and-forth Tower Control (7-7, Splatterscope)

23rd November 2016 – 7.00 am

This is the fun kind of battle I enjoy, where both teams are going for the objective, but neither one is dominating. Everyone is doing their part for their team, and it makes for a fast-paced battle.

The fast pace means I'm not always sure what's going on, and when I flank right behind the opposition they're not there any more. But it also means that there is something happening all the time, and somewhere to be. Mobility is key, and getting in the right place lets you contribute.

I particularly like my sideways jump on to the tower, which was pretty cool for crossing the water, and although I get splatted by an inkling coming out of the ink, my speculative Splat Bomb splats her back. And I'm sorry to my squidmate, who tries to join me on the tower but has it move form under her.

And that splat through the grate from below at 4'34" is a particularly fine splat to get. If only I could have got the Splatterscope afterwards too. But it's a victory to us! Woomy!

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