Finding my groove in Rainmaker (8-6, Splatterscope)

23rd November 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm getting back in to a charger groove. I really ought to play around with more weapons, I know, as the diversity is good to play and good to watch, and I will do. For now, though, I could use the practice.

To prove it, I get off to a shaky start in this Rainmaker battle, and my first splat is interrupted by a Kraken to the back. And that pesky charger on the purple team jumps just as I pull the trigger on a splat shot.

But even if I am still a bit of a newb with the Splatterscope, I like to think I know how to play Rainmaker, and I ink turf and support the carrier as best I can. I like to think I help.

I don't get us the lead, but I do extend the lead, after a squidmate turns in to a Kraken, shepherds the purple team, and lets me bag a triple-splat with the Rainmaker. The lucky splat at the end perks me up too.

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