Being overrun in Splat Zones (5-2, Splatterscope)

24th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

A couple of unsuccessful battles with the Soda Slosher and Tri-slosher, against opposition that are playing at 2 in the morning and me in the early evening, has my returning to the Splatterscope. I probably won't do any better with it, but I can't do much worse, and I want to try to have some fun.

I get my fun within the first minute! A splatting of the Splatling, and then splatting the Inkbrush in mid-air near where I destroyed his Beakon earlier. So very satisfying, both of them.

Indeed, evading the Inkbrush again a little later and splatting him on his return is also rather nice. Sure, I missed him as a sitting duck, but this my first battle with the Splatterscope and I'm getting my aim in.

I try to hide from the Inkbrush marauding as a Kraken after that, but fail to stop in my ink, making my presence rather obvious. Still, that's my first splatting in the battle, and I stay an inkling for almost two full minutes. Not bad.

Right at 2'28" I splat an inkling so hard he disconnected. Tough luck, that. But it doesn't seem to affect the other team too much, who take our strong lead, run roughshod over it, and claim the knockout victory. They probably didn't even realise they went one inkling down.

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