Some comeback in Splat Zones (3-7, Splatterscope)

25th November 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm not having a great evening. I nearly drop out of A+ Rank, which isn't great, but perhaps adds evidence to my not being an S-Rank inkling yet, and why I have trouble in that tier. And in this battle, after our team takes an early lead, I just find myself not contributing to the effort.

I manage to help cover the Splat Zones initially, and then make a push to flank the opposition that works better than it should, probably thanks to Splat Bombs, but after that, well, I can't get a tentacle-hold.

I am hoping it is because the other team are just better than me, and not that I am just a bit rubbish. I dunno how that Kraken splats me when hidden. The Octoshot Replica probably saw my ink trail, but it's still frustrating to be anticipated. The Kraken again probably spots my charger ink, but it's frustrating to be flanked. And the Inkzooka often gets me before I can move out of the way.

I'm getting a bit fed up, so I decide to concentrate on the fundamentals more than trying to be clever. I just try to cover over the purple ink with yellow, and not rush straight to the Splat Zones. We need to be able to move freely in our own turf, as well as prevent the opposition from moving freely in our turf.

Once our side is yellow again, we re-take the Splat Zones. And we keep hold of them, forcing the battle in to extra time. And, somehow, the Splat Zones remain in our control, as we beat their lead of 2 to win the battle! I dunno how much my contribution helped with this effort, and I suspect my squidmates deserve much more credit, but I like to think it helped at least a little.

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