Splat Zones are for splatting (12-4, Tri-slosher)

2nd December 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm tempted to revert to the Splatterscope for this evening's session, but stick with the Tri-slosher. That should work in Splat Zones, I reckon, and Flounder Heights seems like a good map for it.

Rather than do anything flashy, I just aim to get to the top of the Heights and see what's happening first, particularly given how the Tri-slosher can rain ink down from above. And the plan and the bucket are working well!

I spy an inkling coming up the wall and splat him, and follow that up with some inking of the Splat Zones and more splats. Some good evasive manoeuvring, showing awareness of getting away being better than getting splatted for once, keeps me going for almost two full minutes. Blimey.

Now I'm just trying not to do anything silly. It's not easy! I think I do rather well, though, keeping the turf and Splat Zones inked, and getting more splats. There's a bit of a spot in the middle of the battle where I get splatted a bit, but once we take the lead I'm back in the zone. I even avoid taking a fellow Bubbler head on.

The purple team make a concerted push on the Splat Zones as our counter nears zero, but a few more splats lets us keep hold of them, and we get a knockout victory. Woomy!

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