Pushing strongly for the lead in Tower Control (13-6, Splatterscope)

8th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

A not-so-great attempt with the Hydra Splatling as my first battle in the evening convinces me to return to a more comfortable model for this short session. The Splatterscope it is! I think it will work on both Camp Triggerfish and this map, Walleye Warehouse.

The E-litre 3K Scope could be a complication, though. I get first ink, coming from a direction she doesn't suspect, before falling foul to a bucket. I like the bucket, and can't get mad at someone else using it well.

As for the battle over Tower Control, which is kinda the point of all this, we take a fairly decent early lead, but one that is demolished with some good teamwork by the purples, and my running low of ink. How embarrassing. At least it isn't only my aim that lets me down this time.

Now on the back foot, we have a fair distance to cover before we can even think about a victory, particularly as the purple team extend their lead. But we battle on and get the tower back, and I really feel the pressure of the E-litre 3K.

Super-jumping in to the sights of the E-litre is anxiety inducing, but she has more to worry about, it seems. At least for a moment. Her sights then fix on me quite firmly, and I have to take the slow way back a couple of times. But we regain the lead.

As the clock ticks down, we just need to defend. And we all seem nicely prepared, with even a Killer Wail covering the Tower as we ride it to victory. Woomy!

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