Falling back in Splat Zones (4-2, Bento Splatterscope)

15th December 2016 – 7.00 am

I have to say, I'm a little insulted that I rush to the Splat Zones, inking a path up Flounder Heights for all to use, and then my squidmate makes a parallel trail. I'm sure she knows what she's doing. More than me, anyway.

I have a pitiful attempt at splatting the Roller squidding up the wall, but maybe she's having a pitiful time trying to squid up the wall. Not even my Splash Wall helps, but I am still getting used to it.

At least my Splatterscope helps me get rid of those efficient Sprinklers, if we ignore the one time I miss a completely stationary object. I get it on the second attempt, which is the main thing.

I thought I got more splats than four. It just felt like it, with all the shots I fired. I mostly hit turf, though, but at least a lot of that was Splat Zone turf. I think I helped a fair bit with the objective.

But why am I up on the Splat Zones on Flounders Heights? I can provide loads of ink from the charger's perch. When I remember this, only four minutes in to the battle, I head there, spread ink across both splat zones, and remain quite safe.

The moment at 4'35" reminds us that low ink is not the same as no ink. That was beautiful. And I also remind myself that a victory dance only works when you get the victory, and quickly revert to helping prevent the game from entering extra time. Phew!

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