Ink and splats and splats and ink in World Splatfest (1206p, 7-0, Splatterscope)

17th December 2016 – 7.00 am

An empty lobby breaks up our team. I take the opportunity to change weapons, going back to the Splatterscope for a bit. The normal Splatterscope this time, as the Bento Splatterscope just confused me when a Splash Wall got thrown out early instead of Splat Bombs. The Bombs should help with ink coverage too.

I try to play a bit safe and sensible to start with, covering a side corridor and not rushing in to positions when I can be flanked or sneaked up on from behind. It works quite well too, no doubt helped by the long and straight corridors of the Port.

As our team secures more turf, I press higher up, still practicing some caution. Sadly, a blue inking puffs in to oblivion half-way through the battle. That almost guarantees our victory, and almost to illustrate that we press almost all the way up to their base.

We seem to work quite well together, and my aim with the Splatterscope is good this battle. Honestly, I think it's the corridors and not me, as the lines of sight are more obvious. Even so, this was a great battle for me, and it has perked me up with the Splatterscope once more.

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