Mucking around in Tower Control (8-5, Splatterscope)

21st December 2016 – 7.00 am

I wonder where that E-litre 3K will plant herself? Hmm. Hey, good guess! Better first shot would have been nice, as well as a bit of situational awareness afterwards. But that first splat against the E-litre is worth it.

I also ignore my earlier advice to hang back and provide support like a charger. It's good advice, just as relevant in the excellent Flounders Heights, with all of its elevation changes, but I just want to squid around for a bit.

I like my decision to stick with the plain Splatterscope for these maps too. The Splat Bomb and its Rush are really handy, for attack and defence. I can clear the tower, and discourage the other side from staying on too long.

Quite why the Luna Blaster doesn't stick around to splat me, I don't know, and he probably regrets it when I fluke splatting him squidding up the tower seconds later. And, true to character, I follow that up by being a bit reckless. I expected to find the E-litre 3K there, not a Berry Splattershot Pro. That'll teach me.

I try to act a bit more like a proper charger for a bit. Apart from missing my throws, and my shots, I get knocked off my perch by staying there too long. Yep, just like a charger.

A bit of defence is needed, which we manage, but the push we need to get anywhere close to the lead is lacking. I think I'm helping by pressing high and applying pressure, but we never really get the tower moving. Oh well.

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