A few good splats in Tower Control (9-3, Splatterscope)

29th December 2016 – 7.00 am

It's an untidy start to this Tower Control battle for me. I try to throw a Splat Bomb but fail, the one I throw bounces off the Tower, and then I fall off the Tower. Pressing forwards has my running headfirst in to a Heavy Splatling, and when I dodge that, I jump in to a Killer Wail that isn't hitting me. I just hope it gets better.

Okay, I miss the super-jumping inkling, but I splat the oncoming .52 Gal, and the Roller throwing Burst Bombs at me, and, after a breather, Splat Bomb a hiding inkling and splat the Heavy Splatling coming our way. Yes, that's much better, particularly as the Tower is pushing forwards.

My aim lets me down a bit again, but that's okay. That little burst in the middle has left me feeling mildly competent with a charger, and that's a decent result already.

Back on defence, and I have to aim a bit better. And, hopefully, not get splatted by that Carbon Roller. Naturally, the best defence is a good attack, and my squidmates push the Tower up again to take the pressure off for a bit.

I do my bit to defend our territory until the Carbon Roller appears, and I have to squid away. Somehow, I do actually get away. And my squidmates are on the ball. Or the Tower, in this case, as they successfully retake control for the victory.

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