Lots'o'splats in Splat Zones (19-8, Tri-slosher)

3rd January 2017 – 7.00 am

On the one hand, I didn't really give the Roller a proper outing this evening. On the other hand, I like running rampant with the Tri-slosher. It doesn't happen every battle, but when it does, I have buckets of fun. Arf!

My main aim is to get to the centre and across to flank our opponents as quickly as possible. I need to be quick, or medium- or long-range weapons will splat me as I pass. In this case, I pause to ink some turf and get rid of a Sprinkler, which nearly gets me splatted by a Blaster as I move to flank.

Once on the other side, I try to be a pest without being an arse, which I think I achieve. Unfortunately, stopping an inkling in the middle of a Suction Bomb Rush leaves me facing a Bomb or water. Not a great choice, really.

I stick with my plan to head for the other side of the map and create a distraction, and I think I manage that quite well. If I'm not splatting inklings, I'm making them pause before the Splat Zones, and am even using my Disruptor effectively on occasion.

Despite our attempts, the orange team take control of the Splat Zones. We kinda need them back at some point. A bit more flanking and popping my Bubbler helps. I'm kept at bay by one inkling, but that just means I splat him and his buddy by the time I get close.

We regain control of the Splat Zones and enough turf to give us a comfortable victory, and plenty of time for me to give a certain 'Nice!', do a bit of a dance, and try the new high-five celebration. I need to practice that, though.

I'll give Rollers another chance, hopefully getting me up to speed with them. But no doubt I'll keep returning to the bucket, for battles like this.

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