Back and forth in Splat Zones (7-3, Splatterscope)

5th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I feel guilty squidding slowly behind the Roller, and just as guilty splatting ink over his head. But we both take the same route, so without going a sub-optimal way for me there's not much to be done. We'll work something out.

My opposite charger seems to be coming my way. Then doesn't. I drop down to take a look, which at least keeps our Splat Zone secure a little long. But she's just building up her Special to charge in with a Bomb Rush with her buddies. Nice move.

It seems I can't justify staying around our Splat Zone. We need to capture theirs too, and if we can press that little bit higher we should be able to keep both. It also gives me something to do.

Bagging splats against two chargers is nice, even if the second is a mutual splat. Being Squished by a Roller less nice, but it was a bit of a surprise and part of the charm of Port Mackerel. It's good to see the Tri-slosher making good use of the Disruptor too, even if it's on me. At least I'm in a good position to suffer it each time.

Our lead is lost half-way through the battle, but we hold strong and keep enough turf inked to recapture both zones long enough to retake the lead. And although I rely more on my squidmates in the last couple of minutes, I'm sure the ink I fire contributes to something.

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