Getting the splats around the Splat Zones (9-6, Splattescope)

5th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I want to hang back in this Splat Zones battle in Walleye Warehouse, take care of the turf, apply pressure to encroaching threats. But I can't resist going mobile and trying to apply more direct pressure.

Sure, it doesn't work, not at first, but approaching the Zones from a different perspective seems to help. Not only are the purple inklings not looking in my direction, but I get in to a rather neat spot, it seems.

I keep laying down ink in the Splat Zones and splatting the occasional inkling until an Inkzooka from the past catches up with me. But that's okay, because the counter is counting down and already at five. Time for a 'Nice!' victory high-five!

Okay, if ever I did a premature celebration, it's this time. Still, the extended battle gives me time to get more splats, including against the Heavy Splatling and another on the Inkzooka, which doesn't shoot back this time.

I don't even mind the fumbled throw when I get two decent splats afterwards, and avoid every Killer Wail aimed my way. It may not be a knockout, but it's a good victory!

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